Picture of winery

Our mission is to seek out small wineries that are making wines truly reflective of their territory, the local grape varieties they use, and the skills and aspirations of the winemakers. We visit each winery several times before we sign them up. We like to see the vineyards at different seasons. We like to taste the wine at every step of its development.

Most of our producers make a small amount of wine. They tend the vines themselves, and they “raise” the wine with the artisan’s devoted attention from the crush to bottling.

We prefer wines that are biologico (organically grown and made). We like the way these wines smell and taste. They have a clean, precise attack and a distinctiveness that sets them apart from many wines in their zone.

We make sure that each wine is not only a pleasure to drink – it must represent excellent value.

The search goes on. We scour the hills and the little villages of Italy and France. We tramp through the muddy vineyards. We shiver in the cellars, tasting tank samples as the snow swirls. We love the wines, the people and the beauty of the land.

Enjoy. Bevete!

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