Terence Hughes is a Partner of Domenico Selections. He was driven to start the company by two life-long obsessions, Italy and wine. For over 20 years he was in the advertising business, which taught him value of positioning, targeting and market segmentation. This experience guided him in creating his Italian wine blog, mondosapore.com, in 2005. And the rest, as they say, is history.

Now, as Domenico Selections enters its fifth year, Terence and his partners are expanding the portfolio to include French wines. Along with an expanded Italian portfolio, the new French wines will be coming to the U.S. in January. Stay tuned!

Jeff Mazen is a Partner and a passionate wine collector whose personal obsession is Burgundy. He spent over 20 years on Wall Street. This intense experience gave him not only the vast wealth to indulge his Burgundy habit, it honed his relentless drive to sell more, earn more, invest more, network more, etc., etc. Jeff thinks big. He’s as persistent as phylloxera.

Francophile though he is, Jeff has fallen under Italy’s spell. The wine, the food, the beauty of the countryside, the people and especially the winemakers – he says he isn’t just selling wine, he’s selling the stories and the magic that make the wine. And he says he’s finally doing something that makes him happy every single day.

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